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FAITHFUL Instrument Excellent employee vacation
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FAITHFUL Instrument Excellent employee vacation

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Following the sales Yuntaishan vacation, reward excellent staff ushered trip - Li Mu Tai & winding joyful journey.



Li Mu Tai at the northernmost tip of Tianjin and is known as the “Arctic of Tianjin”. The entire scenic area is also the peak of the mountains, the canyons are spectacular, and the waterfalls are fascinating.


The main peak, Limutai Mountain, is 997 meters above sea level. The mountain is steep and the cliffs are everywhere.At this time, it was in the sky, the sun was roasting, and the heat was hard to bear. The group of people were in the mountains, orderly, and encouraged to walk with each other. The sweat soaked the clothes, but there was no complaint.Accompanied by the immediate landscape, enjoying this moment belongs to them relax.




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