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Automatic Precision Vacuum Drying Oven ( Pluggable shelf heating)
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Automatic Precision Vacuum Drying Oven ( Pluggable shelf heating)



It is designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances. It is widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical industry, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection and other experimental fields.


1. SUS304 embossed stainless steel housing, SUS304 mirrored stainless steel studio, 5083 corrosion resistant aluminum plate.

2.Independent pluggable shelf heating, each shelf  temperature controlled separately.

3.Fixed value or program operation mode, true color 5.0-inch touch screen multi-section PID temperature controller, high temperature control accuracy, real-time temperature curve record, convenient for users to see the heating process. The program mode can realize temperature control and vacuum degree multi-stage programming operation to improve the experimental efficiency.

4.Automatic vacuum degree control system, set the vacuum degree, automatically reach the set vacuum degree. Standard with inflatable port, manual and electric double set of exhaust device.

5. Users can configure the vacuum pump, standard with the vacuum pump oil return device, convenient for customers to use, avoid the vacuum pump oil return.

6.BLT type standard with vacuum pump, air pipeline equipped with air filter device, improve the service life of vacuum pump.

Heating ModeShelf direct heating
FunctionTemp. RangeRT+10-250℃
Vacuum Degree Range<133Pa
Temp. Resolution Ratio0.1℃
Temp. Motion±1℃
Heating-Up Time≤40 minutes
StructureInner ChamberSUS304 mirror stainless steel
Outer ShellSUS304 embossed stainless steel
Shelf5083 Corrosion resistant aluminum plate 
Insulation LayerAluminium silicate fibre
HeaterMica electrothermal film
Observation WindowBulletproof tempered glass
Vacuum MeterAbsolute pressure accuracy class 0.25
Exhaust deviceManualand electric double exhaust device
Air intake portStandard inflation port
BLT Vacuum Pump System
(BL: without Vacuum Pump)
Double stage rotary vane vacuum pump 2L/SDouble stage rotary vane vacuum pump 4L/S
Vacuum pump air inlet drying filter
Vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filter
Nozzle Diameter10mm
PowerBL: 1.2kW                             BLT: 1.6kWBL: 1.6kW                             BLT: 2.0kW
ControllerTemp. Control Mode5.0-inch LCD color touch screen multi-stage PID program temperature control,
single shelf independent temperature control
Temp. Setting ModeTouch Screen Type
Timer0-9999 minutes / 0-9999 hours  (can adjust)
Operation FunctionFixed value operation, regular operation, automatic stop
Fixed Value ModeControl temperature and vacuum at the same time
Program ModeControl temperature and control vacuum at the same time ,30 programmable operation
Additional FunctionVacuum pump oil return preventer
Real-time temperature curve recording, with U disk data storage and export function
Sensor deviation correction, temperature overshoot self-setting, internal parameter locking, power off parameter memory
Temp. SensorPT100
Safety DeviceOvertemperature acoustooptic alarm, sensor fault alarm, vacuum overvalue alarm
SpecificationInner Chamber(W*D*Hmm)415*370*340450*450*450
Exterior Size(W*D*Hmm) 635*565*796             
  (BLT: 670*645*1406)
Packing Size(W*D*Hmm) 804*705*957              
 (BLT: 804*705*1457)
 (BLT: 840*785*1562)
Number of Shelf2
Load per Rack15kg
Shelf Space140mm185mm
Power Supply(50/60HZ)
Current Rating
NW/GW(kg)BL:67/92                       BLT:87/112)BL:82/105                      BLT:102/125
Shelf Frame4
Optional AccessoriesShelf(Independent temperature control),RS485 transfer to USB communication interface,Printer,Remote control, wireless SMS alarm

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