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Desktop Constant Temperature Shaker(LCD)
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Desktop Constant Temperature Shaker(LCD)

  • FSI-70,FSI-70C

1. Ultra-low speed start , auto-lock when speed out of control , adjustable start-up speed .

2 . Multi-stage speed , temperature and time control system . 

Can set different speed , temperature and  time in one time , automatic change operating mode during working .

3 . Silent fan design , forced air convection mode and unique air circulation structure , ensure good  temperature uniformity .

4 . Automatic refrigerating mode , environmental friendly cryogen , automatic control for refrigerating  system on and off based on ambient temperature .

5 . Intelligent refrigerate without frost , automatic defrosing function , can set time and interval time for  defrosing , ensure machine in stable operation under low temperature . With refrigerating delay start-up function to protect compressor .

6 . Three rotation mode for chose positive rotation inversion reciprocal and mutual conversion .  

7 . LCD display temperature , time and speed on same screen .

8 . With fault self-diagnosis , indicating fault location and fault code , to help find problrm and solve  problem .

9 . High precision speed control PID feedback control , avoid damage from long time motor working at  low speed causing motor under over heating .

10. Equipped with servo motor, control speed accuracy, high and low speed performance.

11. Selected imported compressors meet the intermational environmental protection requirements, safe fluorine free refrigeration, and low noise.

12. With ultraviolet disinfection (including air duct disinfection) and lighting functions.

Product NameDesktop Constant Temperature Shaker(LCD)
Control ModePID Microcomputer Processing Chip
Cycle ModeForced Air Convection
Oscillation ModeCyclotron Oscillation
Display ModeLCD Display
Drive ModeSingle-Dimensional Drive
USB Data Download System Yes(optional)
Control SystemStandard Mode;Continuous Mode;Programable Mode(multi-stage temperature,speed and time control)
Rotary Speed Range(rpm)0,20-450(Static Cultivate, Positive And Negative Rotation)
 Rotary Accuracy(rpm)           ±1
Max  Capacity (clamp)

100ml x 23

or 250ml x 15 

or 500ml x 9 

or 1000ml x 6 

or 2000ml x 4

Max  Capacity (stick mat)

100ml x 30

or 250ml x 20 

or 500ml x 9 

or 1L x 8 

or 2L x 4

Standard Configuration500ml x 3 250ml x 3
100ml x 4 50ml x 4
Plate Size(mm)450 x 410
Timer Range(h/min)0-9999 (with timing function,continuous operating)
Temperature Range(℃ )               RT+5-654-65
Temperature Accuracy(℃ )      ±0.1
Temperature Uniformity(℃ )      ±0.5(37℃,Effective Working Area) 
 Temperature Motion(℃ )      ≤0.1(37℃)
Tray Number1 piece
External Size(mm)750 x 710 x 520
Power SupplyAC220±10%  50-60HZ
 Ambient Temperature(℃ )       5-30
 Additional FunctionUntra-low speed start, adjustable start speed, automatic over speed protection, timer monitor,parameter memory,electricity incoming recovery, refrigeration unit overload protection and electricity incoming delay start, automatic defrosing,upper and lower limits over temperature acoustooptical alarm, automatic stop by door opened (optional),LED light, UV sterilizing function (optional), parameter setting for viewing, calibration for monitor temperature and ambient temperature.


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