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Digital Angle Centrifuge FLC-04R-C
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Digital Angle Centrifuge FLC-04R-C


1| Fixed angle rotor with capacity for 6 tubes of 15 mL (dimensions 16x100 mm) and numerated posi-tions.

2| Transparent polycarbonate lid for visualization and control of rotor.

3| LED display for adjustment and visualization of operation time and speed.

4| Digital adjustment of speed up to a maximum of 4000 rpm.

5| Safety switch that avoids centrifugation if the lid is open and that automatically stops operation in case of opening the lid.

6| Elastic suspension motor to assure a soft operation.

7| Sucker feet for a good fixation to the working surface.

8| Available adapters for tubes of 10 mL (13x100 mm) and 5/7 mL (13x75 mm); see accessories.

Speed1000-4000 rpm (steps of 500 rpm)
Time1-59 min (steps of 1 min)
Capacity6x15 mL
Max. RCF1790 g
Consumption80 W
Power220 V – 50 Hz

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