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HMS Micro-Spectrophotometer


1. User-friendly software, easy to use

    It is easy to use, free software updates are available

2.  Micro-volumes measuring

     Only require 0.5-2µ1 sample to accurate determinate of nucleic acids, proteins

3. Fast and easy measurements

    Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm up time; Easy measurement within 8 sec

4. Long life's Xenon flash lamp

    Xenon flash lamp, 10 flashes, up to 10 years, no cells or cuvettes, no dilutions and expensive consumables

5. No consumables required

    Direct microvolume measurements from 1-2µL of sample. Eliminates the need for expensive accessories

6. No computer required and with touch screen (Nano-300, Nano-400)

    Nano-300 is equipped with Android system operation

7. The Nano-100 / Nano-300 are full range of wavelength (200-SOOnm) detection ability; 

    The Nano-400 is a basic UV spectrophotometer specifically designed (only three types

    of wavelength 230nm,260nm and 280nm) for nucleic acids and proteins

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Product Classification

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