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Manifolds Vacuum Filtration
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Manifolds Vacuum Filtration



1. Multi-branch Manifolds filer is a solvent filtration equipment of laboratory.Comparen with glass sand cor.It is more convenient, efficient for the operator who needs to filtrate several samples at the same time. Because each filter holder have individual control vavle,only one set vacuum pump can sustain the single or multi-branch mainfoid filter operate together.Producction equipments are imported from Greman DMG numerical control manchine.

2. Material use stanitary stainless steel,acid and alkali resistance,corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance, can tolerate the high temperature of 180, easy to sterilization in high temperature. Under the strict quality control, production process make the product more superioer quality guarantee. Advanced production equipment,high-quality production of rawmaterials,perfect production technology and technical support is the guarantee of excellent products, make our manifolds vacuum filteration domestic professional

Leading brand.

1. Glass funnel (300ml) /Stainless stell funnel(300ml) SS316L

2. Borosilicate steel Glass filter head/Stainless steel filter head SS316L

3. Stainless steel holder(SS316l)

4. PTHE vavle

5. Clamp of aluminum alloy

6. Lid


1. 1-branch

2. 3-branch

3. 6-branch

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