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Precisian Vacuum Drying Oven DZ-BIV SERIES
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Precisian Vacuum Drying Oven DZ-BIV SERIES


Product Description:

1. 4-sides Heating method, Temperature conduction by shelves, more efficiency.

2.With inflatable port, once-forming thermostability silica gel Sealant strip, with good tightness.

3. Double Observation glass window, inner is explosion - proof glass, outside is resin protection plate, more safety.

4. Fastening handle, convenient for opening and closing.

5. LCD controller,multiple groups of date3 display on one screen, intelligent PID control system, with PT100 sensor.

6. LCD vacuum gauge, accuracy class 0.5, Mpa, Kpa, bar, Psi, KGF/cm2 five pressure units optional switch.

Heating ModeFour waits heat conduction and decompression
FunctionTemp. RangeRT+10-250℃
Vacuum Degree Range<133Pa
Temp. Resolution Ratio0.1℃
Temp. Motion±1℃
Heating-Up Time80 min100 min120 min
StructureInner ChamberHigh Quality stainless steel sheet
Outer Shellcold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Insulation LayerAluminium silicate fibre
Heaterstainless steel electric heating tube
Observation WindowBullet proof glass, acrylic exterior protrction
Nozzle Diameter10mm
Power Rating0.8 kw1.4 kw2.0 kw
ControllerTemp. Control ModeTwo temperature section
single shelf independent temperature control
Temp. Setting ModeTouch button setting
Timer0-9999 minutes (with timing wait function)
Operation FunctionFixed temperature operation,timing function, auto stop
Additional FunctionSensor deviation correction, temperature overshoot self-tuning, internal parameter locking, power off parameter memory
Temp. SensorPT100
Safety DeviceOvertemperature temperature sound-light alarm
SpecificationInner Chamber(W*D*Hmm)300*300*270450*450*450450*450*450
Exterior Size(W*D*Hmm)480*480*606670*645*906670*645*906
Packing Size(W*D*Hmm)590*550*750840*785*1062840*785*1062
Number of Shelf2
Load per Rack15kg
Shelf Space100mm140mm185mm
Power Supply(50/60HZ)
Current Rating
Shelf Frame4
Optional Accessoriessilica gel connecting pipe, vacuum pump

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