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1.Use the new model rays design and the new model 1200/mm raster display make sure the stray light low and the 

monochromatic light good.

2.Adopting the SCM,adjust the 0% T and 100% T so easily.

3.Two kinds of measure methods,T and A make the operation easier.

4.31/2LCD screen,big sample chamber can expand the apparatus function.

5.FV 100 model with 100mm cell rack,more suitable for water analysis and sample content analysis in Water works 

and generating station.

6.FV200 have four kinds of measure methods ,T,A,C,F,make the operation easier.

Slope(F) measure method needn’t do the standard sample for each measure.

Φ8-22mm cell rack(single chamber).Can choose the printer store the measure data(need choose the micro-stylus

printer).RS-232 connects with computer can realize two-way communication.

Wavelength Range325-1050nm320-1050nm
Wavelength Accuracy±2nm±2nm
Wavelength reproducibility1nm1nm
Sprctral Bandwidth4nm4nm
Photometric accuracy≤0.6%T≤0.5%T
Photometric reproducibility0.3%T0.3%T
Stray light<0.3T<0.3T
Display model3½ LCD3½ LCD
Operation ModeManualManual
Stability0.004A/H(500nm,warm-up 1Hour)
Optical Distance50mm50mm
Cuvette Frame50mm50mm
NotenoOptional Micro-micro-stylus printe
Packing Size510*370*275

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