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AMR-100 Microplate Reader
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AMR-100 Microplate Reader

AMR-100 is a high-quality light absorption micro-plate reader based on a filter, with a wavelength range of 340 nm~750 nm, suitable for scientific research and clinical applications. 7-inch touch screen color LCD display, no keyboard required, easy to use. Data and programs can be saved in the instrument or exported via a USB stick. The plate reading speed is fast, which can realize fast measurement, and provide measurement results with high accuracy and good reprehensibility.
  • AMR-100



●High-resolution 7-inch color touch screen, easy to operate, no keyboard required, easy to use;

●Multiple software configuration, which can be used as a single machine or connected with a computer, and the results are exported in real time;

●Absorbance range: 0.0~4.000 Abs, meeting different measurement requirements;

●8-position filter wheel, standard 4 filers, optional other filers;

●The built-in software can provide instrument control and data analysis, and can be directly connected to a U disk;

●The detection speed is fast, and the whole 96-well micro-plate detection can be completed within 6 seconds;

AMR-100 Unique Advantages of Micro-plate Reader

●High-resolution 7-inch touch screen, simple and intuitive operation, no keyboard required;

●Visual layout, convenient and practical;

●The micro-plate reader is equipped with the standard control and data analysis software ReaderIt-I , which is convenient and quick for data detection;

●Powerful data analysis function and excellent result report, not only can run the analysis independently, but also run the analysis on the computer.

Display7 inch touch screen
Light sourceQuartz-halogen lamp 6 V 10 W
Wavelength range340 nm~750 nm
Half-bandwidth of filters8~10 nm
Filter8-position filter wheel, standard 4 filters: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm, other filters are optional
Read-out range0~4.000Abs
Linearity (450nm)[0.000~3.000 Abs] R²≥0.995
Accuracy≤±2 nm
Precision[0,3) CV≤0.3 % [3,4) CV≤1 %
Absorbance accuracy (450nm)[0.000,2.000) ≤±0.005 A
Test speed6 s, 96-well plate, fast measurement mode; single wavelength <15 s/96 well, dual wavelengths <28 s/96 well
Sensitivity/Detector≥0.01 A/photodiode
User interfaceBuilt-in software, touch screen input, external mouse
Storage1000 test records
Port3 USB ports, for PC, printer and USB-disk
Power supplyAC100-240 V,50-60 Hz,2 A
Dimension (W×D×H)440×295×225 mm
Weight (kg)AMR-100 10 kg
IncubatorRT+4 ℃~50 ℃
Temperature accuracy@37 ℃:±0.5 ℃
Temperature uniformity@37 ℃:±0.5 ℃


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