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APW-200 Microplate Washer
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APW-200 Microplate Washer

Microplate washer is an automatic plate washer for washing 96-well microplate. compact construction, efficient washing and durable, it is suitable for the washing of flat bottom, U-shaped bottom, V-shaped bottom, C-shaped bottom of various specifications. It has various special functions selected and matched by other board washer. The programmed design is especially suitable for laboratory with heavy workload of multi-application of microplate. It can also be used to soak and shock.
  • APW-200


•Low residual liquid, each well ≤1 μL

•4.3 inch color LCD display, easy to operate

•Microplate can be soaked and shocked simultaneously

•Strainer in the pipeline and automatic washing functions avoid the liquid blocking the pipeline

•Pipeline flushing and distilled water washing functions can be set, flushing time and number of spacers can be adjusted

•With pause function, you can continue to complete the rest of washing procedures

•Washing bottle has uniform volume calibration line, alarm function to avoid the washing liquid used up or waste liquid from overflow

•100 programs can be save

Residual liquid≤1 μL
Washing heads1×8 or 1×12 heads
Plate typesFlat, U, V, C bottom
Washing methodSingle-point, two-point and multi-point
Washing volume50-2000 μL, increase by 50 μL
Washing times1~99 times
Washing channels3
Bottles3 pcs 2.5 L washing bottle, 1 pcs 2.5 L washing bottle
Dispense accuracyCV≤1.5 % @300 μL
Soaking and shaking time99'00"
Date connectionUSB
Weight12 kg
Power supplyAC100-240 V; 50/60 Hz


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